Submission Checklist

Please ensure that all sections of the following form are completed and submit with your manuscript.


Item Details Yes No
Initial Have examined the RPHRM website particularly the Instructions and Guidelines to Authors.
Title Relevant to aims and scope of RPHRM (eg HRM focus, Asia Pacific Region).
Abstract One paragraph that is consistent with RPHRM guidelines and between 150 and 200 words.
Introduction Introduces with supporting relevant references, the overall theme of the paper, and closes with a manuscript outline.
Methodology Comprehensively presents the essential elements of study site, respondents, design procedure, measurement and analysis.
Originality An original manuscript not submitted elsewhere.
Body Structured, linear logical argument that develops a conceptual framework from the relevant literature.
Findings Concisely, yet attractively, reports the observations that are relevant to the manuscript theme.
Discussion An overview that integrates the manuscript’s conceptual, empirical, theoretical and practical dimensions.
Conclusion Relevance and implications of the findings in terms of the manuscript theme and HRM policies and practices.
References References are correct and in the format required for RPHRM.