Call for Papers

The 10th International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development
“Creativity and Innovation: Global Imperatives for the Future”
Budapest, Hungary, March 14-17, 2007.

The 10th international conference, “Creativity and Innovation: Global Imperatives for the Future” will be held in Budapest, Hungary from March 14-17, 2007. The 10th conference will be co-hosted by the School of Business at the Central European University along with other partner universities and organizations. This conference will be unique as this will be featured in partnership with the School of the Arts, Montclair State University and a number of institutions and organizations that focus on forging linkages between business and the arts in a global context.

Creativity and innovation continue to be the driving forces of human progress and change. The rapid advances in business and the arts are characterized by expressions of creativity and innovation that transcend traditional disciplinary, functional and geographic boundaries. The developments in information sciences and the convergence of technologies, coupled with the liberalization of markets, have increased the opportunities for rapid transfer of information, knowledge, business models and artistic forms across nations leading to new frontiers of global competition. Excellent organizations, in “for-profit” and “not-for-profit” sectors compete and also collaborate to develop and promote new ideas, new solutions, new products and services, including new artistic discoveries much faster, cheaper and better. The enterprises and organizations that foster a culture of creativity and innovation and harness the products of knowledge capital will be able to sustain their market leadership and competitive advantage. To explore the future global imperatives of interdependence of the business and the arts, the 10th international conference invites research papers, case studies and proposals for panel sessions under several sub-themes.

Please visit the conference website, for details of submission, etc.

C. Jayachandran
Principal Coordinator
10th IB conference