Welcome to the first issue of the Research and Practice in Human Resource Management Journal for 2003. In this issue, the articles express a key goal of the Journal - to provide practising academics and executives, primarily from the Asia Pacific region, with relevant information based on recent advances in HRM. This issue contains four papers adapted from submissions to the ‘Globalisation, Innovation and Human Resource Development for Competitive Advantage Conference’ sponsored by the School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, in Bangkok in December 2002. Associate Professor Sununta Siengthai from the School, the Guest Editor, introduces the themes of the papers.

In addition to these four papers, there is a research note by Christopher Chan, Lanny Entrekin and Chen Anderson and two book reviews. The first is by Steven Lee of the Singapore Human Resources Institute, and the second has been prepared by Werner Soontiens of Curtin University of Technology. These contributions are greatly appreciated.

The Editors acknowledge a regrettable error which arose in the previous edition. Specifically, we apologise to Steffen Raub for his paper titled ‘Communities of Practice: A New Challenge for Human Resource Management’ which was acknowledged in the Journal to be authored by another person.

We trust that you will obtain some enjoyment from this edition.

Dr. Alan R. Nankervis
Dr. Cecil Pearson