It is with pleasure and considerable pride that we present this Special 2002 Issue of the Research & Practice in Human Resource Management Journal.

Our pleasure comes from both the challenge we face as the new editors of this prestigious regional Journal, and from the willingness of the previous National University of Singapore editors and the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) management to work together with us on the project. Our pride stems from the quality of scholarly research reflected in the articles included in this Special Issue on HRM in the Services Sector, which has been provided by Dr Nils Timo and his colleagues at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Australia.

It is timely, at such a time of transition, that we sincerely acknowledge the vision and professionalism of the Journal’s founders, in particular Professor Donald Campbell, the original editor, and his colleagues, Professors Ho Beng Chia, Chay Yue Wah and Dr. David Wan, who have very kindly offered to stay on as members of our new Editorial Committee. We are also immensely grateful for the continuing support of Mr. David Ang and his staff at SHRI. The Journal is truly a collaborative venture within the Asia Pacific region.

We aim to maintain the high level of scholarship for which the Journal is known by HRM professionals throughout the region, and in addition we plan to broaden both its coverage of issues and its readership. Following this Special Issue, we will welcome manuscripts from academics, HR professionals, students, and other interested members of the broad HRM community, on concepts and practices in HRM, labour market developments, industrial relations systems, organisational development and change management initiatives, sociological and psychological perspectives of HRM, and other associated issues.

Whilst we intend to maintain and strengthen the Journal’s focus on the Asia Pacific region, we are also interested in Asian vs Western perspectives, comparative regional studies and intra-regional research. We are particularly eager to encourage new academics and HR professionals to contribute manuscripts to the Journal.

In order to achieve our objectives, we plan to divide the Journal into several new sections, which together with traditional scholarly articles, will appeal to all of the HRM community within and outside the region.

Thus, the Journal will normally include several scholarly articles; a section devoted to emerging research (eg. reports on pilot studies, ideas and concepts in preparation); a further section which includes case studies and short research notes; an invited presentation on an issue of regional significance to HRM; and several book or conference reviews. While the normal refereeing standards will, of course, apply to all submitted manuscripts, our editorial philosophy is to assist authors to develop their contributions to publication standards.

Amongst our plans for future issues of the Research & Practice in Human Resource Management Journal are a Special Issue in 2003 which contains the best papers from the International Conference on Globalisation, Innovation and Human Resource Development for Competitive Advantage (Bangkok, December 2002), and a series of regional country studies (eg. Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Korea, Philippines etc.). Your suggestions for additional features would be very welcome.

In conclusion, we hope that you will appreciate and enjoy this Special Issue of our Journal, and we welcome any suggestions that you would like to offer regarding its future directions. We are extremely grateful for the contribution of Dr. Nils Timo from Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) as the Guest Editor of this Special Issue of the Journal.

Dr. Alan R. Nankervis
Dr. Cecil Pearson
March 2002