SHRI Foreword

Now with the RPHRM in its 8th year of publication, the Singapore Human Resources Institute is pleased to jointly publish this inaugural special issue of RPHRM with the National University of Singapore.

In this special issue, RPHRM addresses the HR challenges and changes facing Asia and the Asia Pacific in the 21st century. What is the emerging HR leadership in a changing world? Globalisation, economic liberalisation, political transitions, new social orders and technological transformations are changing the workplace and society in very fundamental ways, and at the speed of the Internet!

HR leadership must fundamentally evolve to envision, enable and empower the effective management of people in the 21st century. HR leaders must work strategically to promote partnership – both locally and globally – as the way forward in business, civil societies, and the public sectors.

We have every confidence that we can indeed make the right choice in encouraging the continuous improvement of business practices that are responsible, with special emphasis on the organisational core practices, social investment strategies and investment policy consultation. This will help to create an enabling environment that provides the right conditions for responsible business practices, cross-sector partnerships and alliances to prosper.

We hope that this effort will help both the academics and HR practitioners better understand the new world and contribute towards improving the quality of life in Singapore and the region. We’d also like to thank all contributors for their joint effort in making this issue possible.

In addition to the regular RPHRM series, plans to publish the second special issue in 2001 are in the pipeline, and the theme chosen for this mellennial special is “Managing Human Capital in a Knowledge-Based Economy”. Those who would like to contribute a paper on this topic are welcome to do so.

SHRI is also preparing a fundamental document entitled ”HR21“, which will focus on the challenges and changes facing the HR profession and people management in the 21st century.

With this document, and the knowledge presented in this special issue of RPHRM, we hope all HR practitioners and people managers will keep an open and forward-looking mindset to face the challenges ahead and evolve with the times, and together, let’s bring HR to the fore!

David Ang
Executive Director