With this first issue, Research & Practice in Human Resource Management (RPHRM) is officially launched as the region’s newest outlet for work analysing HRM and HRM-related topics. A joint undertaking of the Faculty of Business Administration, National University of Singapore (NUS), and the Singapore Institute of Human Resource Management (SIHRM), RPHRM’s objective is to document the exciting developments currently transforming the HRM field. As a forum for the exchange of ideas between researchers and practising professionals, RPHRM will provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the effective management of people in organisations.

RPHRM has an international orientation, with a particular emphasis on concerns relevant to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. The journal wants to showcase strong empirical and conceptual studies related to human behaviour in organisations. Thus, the journal adopts a broad view of HRM, and features work not only in the traditional areas of HRM and personnel management, but also relevant developments in occupational psychology, industrial sociology, comparative management and industrial relations.

The first issue mirrors this inclusive perspective. Research problems and perspective range across topics, nations, and theoretical and empirical orientations. From union commitment in the United States of America and in Sweden to the management of ‘Cosmopolitans’ around the globe, RPHRM wants to provide our readers with articles and commentaries that are thought-provoking, relevant, and useful. The journal’s goal is to enhance understanding of all areas of HRM, and to advance professional practice in these areas.

My associate editors and I feel that the collection of papers contained in this premiere volume gets RPHRM off to a good start. We believe that, after reading them, you will agree.

Donald J. Campbell